Ukraine: Chaos and you will Revolution As Firearms of the Dollar

Ukraine: Chaos and you will Revolution As Firearms of the Dollar

Eduard Limonov is actually an effective poet, a writer, a reporter, and you may a significant. Very often, his pronouncements turn out to be prophetic. Lower than which publication safety, there was a record of latest occurrences when you look at the Ukraine. It entails you against the latest national red-bluish trend towards Maidan, through the reunification regarding Crimea which have Russia, toward uprising regarding Donbas, the fresh new armistice, new Kyiv elections towards Rada and you may, eventually, with the insurgency elections on November 2 about Donetsk and you will Luhansk republics. This new journal ends up all of a sudden afterwards. No-one can escape the newest incidents that follow.

Chaos and you may innovations are particularly area and lot of your existence regarding «civilized humanity». One-by-one, relatively prosperous countries is engulfed for the unrest and you may teeter on the verge away from disintegration. Just last year, no-one might have predicted that Nazi militants would march by way of Ukrainian towns otherwise dreamed the new bloodshed who would realize.

The fresh new driving grounds of them techniques are informed me about this new guide because of the Nikolai Starikov, a proper-recognized author and you may personal figure, composer of the fresh new bestsellers Geopolitics: How it Is carried out, Stalin: Recalling Your With her, and Nationalization of your Ruble Because the a road to Russia’s Liberty.

To get their huge national financial obligation authored off, the usa demands a conflict. Very first, they’d a go within Libya and you will Syria. Now, it’s Ukraine.

  • damaging Ukraine and achieving the fresh region out-of imbalance spread-over the new edging toward Russia;
  • moving Russia from the Black Water, removing its navy away from Crimea;
  • undertaking close to the boundaries an absolutely anti-Russian state where folk speaks prime Russian.

But the head aim of our very own geopolitical competitors will be to split the fresh Russian globe on the bits. But not, it isn’t doing work and ought to never works. We should instead become good to make certain that which a mess are banished from the Russian world. Therefore, the You create exit Ukraine by yourself without significantly more blood was forgotten on roads your towns. Because we’re you to somebody. And because it’s Russia’s calling to keep up the bill away from justice around the world.

Russia. Crimea. Record

Russia and you will Crimea. Crimea and you will Russia. He could be that – an effective juncture in which record and geopolitics is actually interwoven. This unity was revealed from the brave pages away from a couple protections away from Sevastopol. It is shown regarding the people out of Suvorov and you may Kutuzov, off Admirals Nakhimov, Kornilov, and you may Istomin. It’s revealed regarding smart policy out of Catherine the good and borderline-treasonous foolishness out of Nikita Khrushchev. Everytime Russia delivered Crimea within the, they became an excellent superpower. Everytime Crimea try lost triggered the loss of which status. Meaning that, inside 2014, our nation turned an excellent superpower once more, due to the bravery and you will resilience of Crimean people and you will the governmental will of the Russian president.

The brand new Ukraine Problem: Of American Violence to help you a world Combat?

If someone else thinks that the fascist affect who’s engulfed Ukraine does not question her or him and that is «neither its headache, neither their breeze», the fresh new guide by the Academician Glazyev, a respected expert when you look at the much time-identity financial predicting, often sound a fair caution. New corridors from power into the Arizona D.C., as usual according to the thumb of large transnational resource, features zeroed in the into Russia due to the fact fundamental address of its 2nd attack. A war with Russia, unleashed of the hands from Ukrainian Nazis, will assuredly cause an abrupt economic downturn in the newest post-Soviet space plus in new European union. Accordingly, when you look at the , the usa, helped and abetted by the European union officials, staged an excellent coup inside the Ukraine, getting neo-Nazis so you’re able to electricity. By the tossing the new genocide of Russian society regarding the the southern part of out of Ukraine, they want to induce Russia towards armed forces step, for this reason looking to start other globe conflict inside Europe. Can Russia prevent the civil combat into the Ukraine regarding increasing on the a 4th Globe Combat and preserve the new unity of the Russian industry?